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Edit: I meant my NEWEST fics, I forgot to put that, sorry.
But, a few comments on my older fics wouldn't hurt either. :)
(But I appreciate whatever comments I have on older fics, thanks guys!)

...I don't put :iconcommentplz: on my fanfics just for crap and giggles. OMG. *facepalm*

Being unprofessional for a minute, I've had a few faves on my NEW fics lately, but no comments. It isn't that I'm ungrateful, but comments make me happy and may help me improve my writing if they include a critique. 

Plus I've had THE WORST time trying to write on this other computer. It likes to highlight a whole fic and if I press a key, the fic goes bye-bye and I'm left with 'b' or whatever and I have to right click undo to get the fic back. or it deletes whole scentences. Or the line jumps around when I type. My old computer NEVER did this and it's miserable. I've tried looking up how to fix it, but Shift + Esc don't seem to help.

So, please, comment. Take some time to review. Be nice. It makes us writers and artists happy. It doesn't take long. Don't fave and run, and if you do, try and go back later and leave some love. We're all here for feedback.
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Name: Mini Wolfsbane (hyphen only used on DA.)
Likes: Drawing, reading, writing, Gambit, ponies, animals, Disney, baking, sewing
Dislikes: Needles, dentists, hospitals, lacking engergy/motivation, having low self-esteem
Dreams: To be a bride, be a published author, take art commissions, to be great at drawing anatomy and use fewer references, to draw in X-Men:Evo style like a pro

Current Residence: The X-Men 616 Universe
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Favourite style of art: X-Men:Evo style, Disney style
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Favourite cartoon character: Most of the ones that exist or too many too count.
Personal quote: "The newscaster was quoted as saying "BAHHHHHHHH!"- Gabriel Eglasias, 'I'm Sorry for What I said When I was Hungry.' (Probably the first time in ages a running joke did NOT get old for me. I died laughing. This show wasn't entirely clean, unfortunately, but he's a good comic overall and one of my faves!)


New fanfic up, as you may have seen! Please read and review! :)
Have a great day!
Disclaimer: I don't own X-Men:Evolution or it's characters. Just my OC, Molly Callum/Creature and any original characters/background characters that may pop up from time to time.


"It's right...there," Molly directed Remy to into a grocery store parking lot.
The two of them had rented a car to get around town since it would've been weird
to just be dropped off in the heli-jet.

Of course, Their first stop was the grocery store because needed to pick up dessert or something.
It was just etiquette and Remy didn't want to show up empty handed, it would've been rude.
(And again, he definitely wanted to make a good first impression.)

"Is this okay?" Remy held up a bottle of sparkling cider.

"Yeah. That works," Molly approved with an actual thumbs up.
They got a small cake and some pretty, fresh looking flowers, then paid and left.

The two drove up to the house just as the clock turned to noon.
It was a nice house in a suburban neighborhood. A dark Reddish-orange with white trim,
two cars in the driveway and a looking lawn with shrubs near the windows and a couple small trees
out front. Similar houses in different colors surrounded it. It wasn't an upscale neighborhood,
but every house was well looked after and none of the places looked trashy or ghetto, like
having old furniture on the curb. (Remy had seen some bad neighborhoods all over the world.)
Remy was relieved it was a quiet, safe, friendly neighborhood.  

Molly kissed him again. "Don't be nervous. Everything will be fine."

"So you're _sure_  your  dad isn't the interrogating type?" Remy asked, yet again.

"I'm sure," Molly smiled at him.

They walked up to the door. Remy sucked in a breath as Molly rang the doorbell.

The door opened...


AN: Sorry to cut it off like that, but it seemed appropriate. Also, this won't be a continuation story or anything. I'll leave the conclusion up to the reader's imagination. (Obviously, Mollys family must approve of Remy since they will keep seing each other.) Since Molly is a (younger) self-insert, it would just be too weird to write my family into a fic. (And challenging!) I apologize because I know I get frustrated when an author cuts off the story   and leave you hanging, but I just thought I'd give a good explanation as to why I did it. Besides, everyone knows how  I write by now, so this shouldn't be too much of a surprise.
Disclaimer: I don't own X-Men:Evolution or it's characters. Just my OC, Molly Callum/Creature and any original characters/background characters that may pop up from time to time.


They got the computer up and running after Remy played around with the wiring for a solid two hours, but because the heli-jet was being worked on for repairs, the X-Men couldn't arrive until the next morning. It was frustrating, but that was life. Molly and Remy had gotten used to waiting and little disappointments like this. Remy sat at the computer while Molly stood. Thankfully, the effects of the sleeping gas hadn't lasted long, but Remy still felt tired.

"Uh, jeez," Molly looked a bit panicked over the two way camera system, while
the team watched her on the other end, "Guys? Maybe you could call my family
and tell them we got delayed. Just...don't go into details. Best not to. I wouldn't want
them to worry."

"You face life threatening situations all the time and you don't want to tell them
you're stuck in the desert because the jet crashed?" Remy questioned, looking confused.

Molly sighed long and loudly (and irritated.)
"Fine, tell them! Whatever! But I'm so _going_ to get the _fifth degree_ when we get there!" Molly said, putting a hand to her face, looking extra flustered.

Remy had forgotten...if he'd ever really known...what it was like to have his family worry about him. Molly had a priceless gift in that regard. Remy smiled inwardly, because it was nice having a girlfriend who had a normal background and wasn't the crazy party girl type or overly independent. Molly was stable and seemed to have good roots. For once, Remy had picked well. Perhaps, _eventually_ marrying her would be a good idea. Of course, Remy would have to think about that for a good long time when he decided he was ready and when Molly seemed ready. Now, though, no need to rush into things. First things first, meet her family, then see how things go. (At least things had gone well so far.)

"No problem. See you in the morning!" Kurt said. The video clicked off.

Remy pulled Molly into his lap.

"So, uh, ready for tomorrow? Are you still nervous?" Molly wondered.

"I'm less nervous," Remy smiled a little, "If I can survive the desert and
everything else I've gone through, meeting your family isn't going to be
that hard for me. I just made too big a deal out of it, so, uh, sorry."

"It's okay. I'm sorry if I pushed it too much sometimes. I know I can get
a little, um, over-enthusiastic. Excitable. Like, pushy," Molly said.

"Don't worry about it. I think we both overreacted. It's a first for
us both, so we built it up too much," Remy said, "Nothing to worry about
now. We'll go and enjoy it."

"Yeah. It's getting late, let's start something for dinner," Molly got off
of Remys lap and headed for the kitchen with Remy following.

Molly and Remy ate together while Mastermind ate separately out of his own choosing.
Molly was a little disappointed, but Remy reminded her it was all in baby steps.
They didn't see Mastermind for the rest of the evening, but figured if he wanted to
be found, they would find him. The couple went to sleep feeling safer than the night


"Mmmh?" Remy opened his eyes the next morning to Molly kissing him.
She was dressed in her own clothes and seemed ready to go.

"What was that for?" Remy sat up and looped his arms around her waist as
she sat next to him.

"You were calm and brave yesterday. You didn't rush into anything
and just let us talk it out. I'm glad. I'm proud of you," Molly stroked his face,
"And I'm glad we talked yesterday. I didn't mean to stress you out."

Remy basked in the attention.
"Thanks. I didn't know what was going to happen, but I decided to let things take their course...but I wasn't going to let him pull anything," Remy said, "I guess I let things get to me too, sometimes, but I'm feeling better now. I'm really looking forward to it."

"Great! Everyone's here. Mastermind decided to go back to the school so that's good. Once you're ready we can leave," Molly said.

"Okay. Just need a minute to get my stuff together," Remy said.

Remy quickly got dressed, and then went and grabbed his box of DVDs and his backpack
after brushing his teeth and doing his hair. The three of them got on the heli-jet, brimming with various kinds of excitement. Remy was happy that he and Molly had made it out of the desert alive, and from the looks of things, Mastermind was anticipating being around people for the first time in years.

Whether it was in a positive or negative way, Remy couldn't tell.
Remy just hoped that it wouldn't come back to bite them later.
Disclaimer: I don't own X-Men:Evolution or it's characters. Just my OC, Molly Callum/Creature and an original characters/background characters that may pop up from time to time.


They had breakfast and tried to contact the school again.
They did have their cell phones with them, but reception out here in the middle of nowhere was awful.

"I wonder why it's not working. Everything's on, everything looks okay," Molly said.

"Could be anything," Remy said, "let's go check the circuit breakers and wiring."

They went down to the basement portion of the base. It was dark and not well lit,
with their footfalls echoing everywhere. Like everything else, it was floor to ceiling metal,
which made it cold, almost drafty. It also made Remy wish for a sweater, but they wouldn't
be down here long.

"The wires look like they've been cut. Looks recent," Remy said.

"R-recent?" Molly stammered, "See! I told you we weren't alone!"

"Okay. Maybe you were right, but who would be living here  all by themselves for so long? It doesn't make sense," Remy said.

Remy looked down to see green sleeping gas seeping through the lower vents. Originally used as a precautionary measure if Magneto's team was invaded by someone.

"Run!" Remy grabbed Mollys hand and ran for the door, but they didn't get very far.


Remy groggily opened his eyes. This seemed familiar of when he kidnapped Rogue way back when,
but opposite. If her head had hurt this bad, he was sorry a million times over. Where was Molly?
Remy searched the room while  slowly sitting up. She was a few feet away, still out cold. They were both tied up. Remy saw that they were in the communications area again.

The door to the room opened. In walked a familiar face that Remy hadn't seen in
a very, very long time. Mastermind.

"You've invaded my home? That's trespassing," Mastermind glared at Remy.

"Nice to see you too. What are you even doing here? " Remy said with a dry look.

"I had no where else to go. Magneto abandoned me here and there was no way to get out of the desert so I stayed," Mastermind

"Why didn't you contact someone for help over the radio?" Remy asked.
The answer was probably obvious, but Remy didn't see it. Why would anyone choose
to be alone, out here in the unforgiving, harsh desert?

"Who?" Mastermind looked sad and pitiful, "Who could I contact? No one would have me.
I'm a wanderer, a drifter. I _like_ being alone."

"No one likes being alone," Molly spoke up groggily, sitting up to right herself, "I know, I've been there. You know how hard it is to be a kid and hardly have any friends? How it is to be a teenager and be that same way? I know what it's sane person
would want that for themselves. It's too much being alone."

Mastermind didn't seem entirely convinced, but Remy could see something in Mollys
words got to him. Remy could feel it through his own powers and see it on Masterminds face.
Molly wasn't exactly a world class charmer or eloquent speaker, but if nothing else, she had
an honesty-a sincerity-about her that was hard to ignore. Plus she spoke from experience and
could relate to Masterminds plight. That might've helped.

"I'm happy on my own," The curmudgeonly old man insisted.

"I don't believe it for a second," Molly wouldn't back down, "No one to talk to? It's self-imposed isolation. People need other people. To talk to and share things with. Even when you don't get along, you still have others around. Loneliness _can_ drive a person mad."

"She's right," Remy said, "People can be irritating, but they're worth something. Even when they drive you up a wall, you're still grateful for them being there because they keep you grounded."

"Right," Molly said, "Grounded. Sane. I'm just saying try it. Come to the school.
You might like it. We've got fresh food all the time and if you want, lots of privacy.
We can put you downstairs in the sub-levels at first where no one will bother you.
If you hate it, you don't have to stay, but staying alone in the desert in a big metal
ball with very _limited_ food and water is no way to live."

"...I'll think it over," Mastermind said.

"In that case, can we be civil now? No more being tied up?" Remy charged the ropes on
his wrists and then undid Molly's. They got up from the floor, both relieved,
but tired from the adrenalin  rush. The little stunt could've easily gone bad.

"I'm sorry, but I did have to take precautions," Mastermind said.

"We know," Molly smiled kindly, "Anyone would've done the same thing.
Glad we're here to help you out."

The man just nodded, still cautious.



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